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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ding Dong

We are finally getting a little bit of nice Spring weather and now it's time to get a few projects done around the house.

Normally I would tackle this seemingly simple task, but after our Electrical friend warned me of possibly loosing the wire I opted for my husband to do it.

What project am I speaking of.  A door bell button......sounds simple right!  Well, all I can say is I am glad I didn't attempt.  I even suggested " forgetting" it as I watched my husband mess with it.  

After about 3 trips to the shop, and digging around in my box of parts, he made the bell ring again.  

I just love the new look.  Can't wait until someone comes to the house to use it.  I know, it's kinda crazy to be excited for a new door bell button, but it doesn't take much for me.

Hope your projects are moving along smoothly.  I am going to go back outside and admire the newest addition to the front porch.  

Have a great week, and tackle a project, even if it is a small one.  

Friday, January 24, 2014

I'm Seeing "Red"

Does an idea just pop in your head sometimes?  Well, I am here to tell you, I have been thinking about my bar stools.  They are just these ugly wooden plain ole things.  They need something.  I have thought about colors to paint them...turquoise?  Yellow?  Nope, it's settled.....going to use the color red.

I am not sure if I chose this color because of all the "red" that I am seeing on the internet due to the up and coming Valentines day or not, but I just know, "red" is the color I need.

I have had a sample "Traverse City Cherry" for quite some time.  It isn't that deep barn red color that I really love, but a much brighter red.  Heck, might as well try it...It IS only paint, you know.  If I totally hate it, I can always go to Plan "B".

After the paint brush!  

The Polar Vortex and all this other weather is about to wear me thin, and I am getting bored with being stuck inside....and when that happens, you better look out, because I might just paint something.

The last statement brings me full circle.  I have paint brush and paint in here goes.

I think I am going to like the outcome.  Are you ready to take the plunge and paint something!!!

My color selection actually comes from this table setting that I have in the kitchen area.  You see, I have a larger table that has a turquoise painted top on it...I found this wonderful table square about a year ago, and I have just loved the pop of color that it adds to the kitchen.

The wonderful little cups came from a quick run into Starbucks over the holidays.  I saw them, and they were on sale, so you know the rest of that story.  :)

The I-phone pic doesn't really do the color justice, but you get the idea.  I think it has gotten me out of my funk.  I am really liking the pop of color.  So for now, I am Happy, Happy, Happy.  :)
Happy, Happy, Happy

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antique Stove Obsession (again)

Me, have an obsession?...well, of course I do.  I love "stuff" and you know what that means.  I love to collect and move and change things.  There is one thing that I have had in my home for about 5 yrs. now and I just love them.  I wrote a blog about these stoves in 2012 and you can read it here( Stove obsession ) and the only reason I am writing about them again, is that I was over at Darla & Tommy's and his little shop was overflowing with these beauties.

Tommy is pretty obsessed with these things of the past.  With each year that passes, they are becoming harder and harder to find.  I just love what he is able to do with them, and keep the nostalgia of years gone by still in our homes....and they are safe.

I was at their home and took several pictures of a few of the treasures that he has finished and wanted to share them with you.  They are for sale, and if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me and I will get you to the right people.  You see, Tommy is retired and this is how he loves to spend his day.  Keeps him active and our from under Darla's feet...LOL.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I there a "special" place in your home that one of these jewels would fit in.  If so, I know where you can get one.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minimal Christmas Decorating

I don't know about you, but it sure isn't as much fun decorating the house as it used to be.  I was the one that had a tree in every room, and had decorations everywhere.  Nothing was left untouched....but this year...well, that is a different subject!  Not sure what happened, but the decorating bug just didn't hit me.  Could it be that we have been extremely cold....and the snow, well, what can I say.

There is nothing fun about going into a 20 degree garage, and pulling stuff down from the attic.  Everything is too cold to touch.  So with that said, I was a minimalist in the Christmas decorating this year.  But the way I look at it, when the hoopla is all over, I won't have very much to put up!

I have snapped a few pics of the little bit I did get around to.  Hope you enjoy them...won't take you long to tour, that's for sure  :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone out there in blog land.  Enjoy the season, and make some memories.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  If you are going to be out shopping tomorrow, I hope you find all the treasures you are looking for.  Have a safe and Happy Holiday.

My birthday is tomorrow...Yes....Black Friday....LOL....but I won't let that spoil my day!!!!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Room to Big Boy Room all in One Day!!!

Our wonderful grandson is 2-1/2 yrs old, and it is time for him to have the right of passage, and get his "Big Boy Room", and with that said, and a full day of moving and assemble, we made it happen.

The day is Veterans Day, and my son is off work....what better day to do this thing.  There is a lot of heavy lifting and assembling to be done, so let the process begin.

My kids went furniture shopping over the weekend.  Cash our grandson new bed and dresser were picked out.  There was only one little obstacle in the way.  They had a room full of furniture that needs to be gone to make room for the new stuff.

Heather gets busy and contacts a friend that is having a baby, and believe it or not, she is really interested in the furniture.  She said they would love to buy it.  This makes the new purchase a little easier to swallow.

My mom and I meet my son at the furniture store, and he purchases the items for Cash's new room.  I have the truck to transport it to their home.  My goodness, we had a truck full!!!!  The guys that load the truck have a ton of rope to hold it all steady for the trip.

The twenty mile trip was mainly on the highway.  I tried to keep the speed at a modest 60 mph, as to not upset my load.  I swear people were driving like wild that day.  My son is in his vehicle behind me, and calls to say, I need to pull over.....Looks like the mattress is trying to escape.  We tighten up the load again and we make it to the house without any other issues.

Now the fun begins.  There are drawers to be cleaned out.  This is where my mom comes into the picture.  She is in charge of removal of clothing etc.

My son disassembles the bed, and I move each piece out to the garage.  Wow, we are a team!!!!   The process moved pretty quick and we had the room cleared before we knew it.

Unpacking the headboard, foot board, dresser and bottom storage took awhile....and oh, much cardboard and Styrofoam.  So glad that we have a recycle bin to put the cardboard in.

The furniture is placed in the room to the specification of our daughter in law....Sorry she wasn't able to be here today, but she had to work.

Fast forward to about 3pm, and we are finished.  I have been out in the 72 degree weather cutting down cardboard and trying to get it out of the way.  We have several large bags of packing as well.  There is a very big cold front coming in tonight, and I am so glad we are able to get his all done while the weather is good.
Have to say, the furniture was packed well, as we didn't find any issues with any of the pieces.

The first person to make it home to see the results is our daughter in law, Heather.  She is so excited and a bit taken that we have gotten it all done.  Heather has an idea in her mind of what she wants a room to look like, and I can usually create the image.  I really appreciate how well we work together on these projects.  I also love the technology of the smart phones, so I can take a picture of something and send it to her, and get a yes or no pretty quickly.

Cash is at day care, so my son goes to pick him up so we can see his face when he sees his "big boy room".....

As Cash enters his room he is a bit shy about the whole thing...but it didn't take long for him to climb up on the bed and give us that big smile of approval.  It is a hit...he loves it.

Chillin in his Boy Cave

I tell you, he really loves it...
I get a text from our daughter in law later in the evening, and she says that Cash will not come out of his room.  She sends me this picture.....I think the boy likes his Boy Cave!!!!

Good day of some hard work, with a lot of personal gratification to top it off.  I really have to say, it was a total blast working with my son in creating his sons new room.

Another one of the reasons I enjoy what I do.  Love to see happy people after a room comes together.

PS...Heather found the cutest step stool for Cash to make the climb into his bed a little easier for him.
We have a great looking comforter coming from Pottery Barn, Chocolate Star Quilt to finish the room out.  It's on the way, but I just couldn't wait to write about this exciting it was too much fun!!!!!!

There are still some things to be moved around on the walls, and added, but for the most part the room is complete, and we have a very happy little boy!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Gliding into Fall with a New Glider

I have been on the hunt for a metal antique glider for quite some time now.  I get a call from my wonderful friend Phil, and he has found a cute glider at a local antique store.  He shoots me a picture and I tell him, I think I like it.

We discuss the price and I ask him to see what their bottom price would be for this lovely addition to my collection of stuff.  The store is having a 20% off sale..   Color it SOLD!!!!!

Did I mention how wonderful Phil is??!!  He not only found this treasure for me, but he is packing it in his vehicle and driving it to my house.  How special is that!!!!  

I really didn't get to check out my new piece until Saturday morning....and can I say, it's great!!!!   I  even love the rusty chippy color it is painted, a burnt orange tone.   Of course it doesn't hurt that fall is here, and it is ready for decorating.  

One side of the glider isn't gliding well, and my sweet husband comes out and takes it apart to see what is wrong.  Seems the ball bearings have slipped out and after we clean the dirt our of the glider, it's working a a lot better.  The bottom feet are missing so as of now we have some pieces of wood helping it sit up correctly.

I have been on the Internet trying to figure out what the bottom "feet" look like, and have found several pictures of gliders that look like my new find.  Seems it is a JR Bunting Piecrust Porch Glider.   For it to be such an old piece, it really is in pretty good shape.  I didn't want one that looks new.....heck no....I like the chippy rusty look.